We R  We R CNG Solutions for CNG Tanks , CNG Conversion Kits, and  FREE Training

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We R CNG offers compressed natural gas (CNG) conversion equipment and training throughout the world.  We are a consortium of alternative fuel and clean transportation professionals working with fleets to increase mileage, while decreasing fuel and maintenance costs through compressed natural gas conversions for gasoline and diesel engines.

CNG Conversion Kits

We sell the highest quality fourth generation Conversion Systems for all vehicle sizes and  classes including direct injection fuel systems.

Gasoline Engines:  Bi-fuel CNG conversion systems

Diesel engines: Dual-fuel CNG conversion systems

Free CNG Conversion Training

We offer FREE Conversion Classes for fleets so you receive the safe and proper training to safely convert your vehicles when installing our premium conversion kits.  We can come to you or you can attend one of our scheduled classes at First Coast Technical College in beautiful St. Augustine, Florida.

CNG Tanks and CNG Cylinders 

Shop here for the largest selection of ready to ship tanks with the lowest prices.   Tanks are made with a range of materials from steel to glass and carbon fiber wraps.  Most any vehicle can carry a natural gas fuel tank.  Sizes range from 3 gallons up to 40 gallons.  Check out our specials on added capacity tanks starting at $129.

Conversion Benefits

  • Save money on tank replacements and conversions through We R CNG
  • Double your driving range using cleaner and more affordable natural gas.
  • Reduce your oil and filter changes and increase the life of your engine.
  • Switch between gasoline or diesel and natural gas at the flip of a switch.  No range anxiety. Low maintenance and product guarantee.
  • Conversions are fully reversible and most equipment can be reused on the next vehicle.

Convert your diesel and gasoline cars and trucks, save money and run on clean natural gas.  Want more information?  Learn more about CNG.

CASE Solutions

Clean, Affordable, Safe & Efficient Traffic Solutions

CASE Solutions is a consortium of alternative fuel and clean transportation experts working with fleets to increase mileage, reduce emissions and save individuals and transportation companies money and time through the use of clean burning fuels and employing real-time traffic optimization software packages that increase the flow of traffic.

We R CNG is your one stop shop for all CNG vehicle conversion products.  We represent most tank manufacturers as well as the highest quality CNG conversion kits and accessories at discount prices.  Your safety and satisfaction is our primary goal to a successful sales transaction.  Please follow us on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and Google Plus for CNG tank sales and new vehicle conversion product releases.

CNG Vehicle Conversions