Save 37% on Fuel Costs

save money on fuel II
  • Average price of natural gas (CNG) is only $2.11 per gallon
  • Gain a Competitive Advantage and Grow your Business
  • Extend the life of your vehicles
  • Receive the same mileage and vehicle performance
  • Convert your fleet for just 3 percent down
  • Need safe convenient CNG fueling?...We purchase and build 24 hour fast fill stations for YOUR fleet.
  • Fleet Feasibility Studies

    Cash vs Lease

    We R CNG analyses your fleet to ascertain which vehicles are strong candidates for CNG Conversions. FLEET FEASIBILITY STUDIES are a mandatory tool for fleet management and procurement teams to understand the ROI and discover additional revenue streams for CNG Conversions and Convenient Fueling Solutions. The study includes the costs of the conversion equipment, labor, training, conversion bay up fits, and fueling solutions.

    Know your incentives and improve your asset utilization.  Convert your vehicles starting at $100 and reduce fuel and maintenance costs immediately.

    CNG Certification Class

    Clean Cities Thumb

    Register Today for academic level CNG Conversion Certification hosted by Central Florida Clean Cities. Space is Limited.


    • Tube Bending
    • Full System and Cylinder Inspection
    • Schematic Reading
    • System (Kit) Installation
    • Diagnostic and Problem Solving
    • Repair

    We complete every class by fully converting a vehicle to run on CNG.  Schedule a class at your facility for one low price or send your technicians to our National CNG Conversion Headquarters at OCCC's  Alternative Fuels Campus in Oklahoma City.

    Save thousands of dollars on labor and convert your own fleet or increase your vehicle maintenance business and convert the vehicles you currently service.