No one system or tank fits all.  Don't let retailers tell you what's best.  Call us today to find the perfect system and cylinder for you.

Ask us about our EPA Compliant Systems.


When purchasing a cylinder or a system for your personal use vehicle or for your fleet, we will provide you with the appropriate kit and accessories ensuring that your conversion products are complete, and that your order is delivered safely and in the time specified.  With your call we will patiently answer all questions and find the right solution for you at a discount price.


You call and We R CNG answers.  You have any problems, we consider these our problems and act swiftly to remedy the situation.  We R CNG is your partner to provide you with the service and support needed to order and receive your CNG cylinders and conversion systems.

We are available to take your calls from 9 am to 9 pm EST at 949-322-8055.